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I am a midlife, married, mother of four and grandmother of  8  and 1/3 (coming in June). I have a B.S. in Psychology and was a therapist for over ten years. However, I am retired from that field and no longer offer therapy. I have been the Director of WomensVoices, an enrichment center for women for several years. I have been published in academic journals and have written and edited technical manuals. I am active in writing groups and a member of the Internaltional Women’s Writing Guild, the National Association of Women Writers, PEN and PNWA. I have been published in the Chicago Wellness Magazine, the Story Circle Network’s “True Words from Real Women 2006 Anthology; Kitchen Table Stories, the Moon Journal Press and several issues of Releasing Times magazine.

I have facilitated writing groups at WomensVoices and WomensWisdom in the Chicago suburbs, have presented workshops at Borders Books, professional women’s associations, women’s health clubs, Women’s Resource Fairs and have participated in panel discussions at the Story Circle  Network’s Writer’s conference.

I am currently facilitating two women’s internet writing groups and a women and men’s writing group at public libraries. I am currently involved in three projects: a novel, a publication based on survey data that examines the midlife woman’s experiences and an inspirational anthhology of women’s journeys to self understanding.

14 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Amy Says:

    Found your blog today through Poets & Writers magazine. So grateful for your site and the gift it is–and will be-to so many who struggle with rising above toxic pasts. Healing can be attained . . . and there is often joy in the journey.

  2. pat Says:


    thank you for your kind words. It is my hope that women who have struggled with relationships in the past will be able to tell their stories and have their voices “heard” and their words and experiences validated by other women. We all have stories to tell, good, bad or otherwise, and for many women their voices have been muted. I would like to suggest to you and any other of my bloggers to check out the Story Circle Network: http://www.storycircle.org for the opportunity to share life experiences with a great group of caring, nonjudgemental women.

  3. Brenda Says:

    Can’t wait to see the new format.
    Is there a way to contact you regarding a submission?

    • changesinlife Says:


      If you are referring to the ChangesInLife website, I am in the process of creating the e-zine, and will be seeking submissions in the very near future. the topic will no longer be restricted to the “Woman I’ve become” that was used to collect submissions for an anthology. It will be much broader. The basic idea is that there are changes going on throughout our days, months, years etc. What I will be looking for is material that talks about a particular change that occurred in the writer’s life. This can be a voluntary change she directed, something that occurred that created a change. These changes can be those that are positive or those that are negative. I’ll also be looking for essays that would talk about how a change which initially was resisted, unwanted, appeared negative etc. was in fact something that ended up being a growth experience. I will send you my direct email in a message sent to your email address. Thanks for your interest.

  4. Ro Says:

    I would love to contribute- are submissions still being accepted?

  5. Patricia Thomas Says:

    How does one submit to Changes in Life? I can’t find it on the website.

  6. Carole Spearin McCauley Says:

    Dear Pat, Glad to know about your site and read your material. Yes, women–especially women writers–NEED one another for inspiration and sisterhood. Otherwise, it can be a cold, lonely world where our writing can get pushed to the back of our lives. Greetings from Carole Spearin McCauley, Hanover, NH.

    • changesinlife Says:

      Hi Carole,

      I am also president elect for Story Circle Network, http://www.storycircle.org This is an organization that deals with exactly what you referred to about needing one another for inspiration and sisterhood. You might want to check it out.

  7. Kristin Roedell Says:

    Hi Pat:
    Like a dummy, I finally figured out that I wasn’t receiving any news from Changes because I was not on the mailing list, nor had I hooked up with this blog. I was glad that my essay Crowding Fifty was accepted, and I have been checking back monthly hoping to see it. I turned fifty this year, and am trying to accept the sudden “invisiblity” that has ensued. In some ways it’s freeing, and in some ways it’s frightening. I’ve continued to write about this experience; I find it healing. There is power in speaking through print, on the net. Women find eachother across the world and down the block. Connections are forged which would not have existed previously. Poetry and prose contains the voice of our communtity.
    A blog has the advantage of a quick turn arorund, and approaches a “real time” experience. I’m glad to find you.

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