Wecome to the Changes In Life Blog

January 10, 2010

This blog has been created as an online community for women of all ages. Everyone talks about the “Change of Life” as being menopause. But in reality, as I discovered in my professional work as Director of WomensVoices and my personal experience, women experience many changes and transitions in their lifetime: leaving their parent’s home; getting married; having children; divorce; remarriage;altered health status such as weight gain, arthritis, menopause; starting a new career or returning to the work force; events that impact relationships with other women, men, spouses or adult children; becoming a grandmother;becoming a caregiver for elderly parents; losing one’s parents; retirement and many more. It is my hope that women of all ages will log onto this blog and share both the positive and negative impacts of these changes and receive understanding, compassion, validation and empowerment from the community of women bloggers on this site.

If you are interested in sharing your experience with a larger community of women, go to the www.changesinlife.com website for details regarding an inspirational anthology currently accepting submissions.